Motorola Xoom comes under fire

Motorola Xoom Android TabletIf you are thinking of not buying an iPad then you may be in the market for something like the Motorola Xoom. However, before you hand over your hard-earned cash you may want to read this article by Michael J. Miller, respected blogger at PCMAG – Eight Things to Hate About the Motorola Xoom. In it he shares the things that worry him about the device (already having previously written a similar article about the “8 Things I like about the Motorola Xoom“.

Not wanting to just quote the article verbatim, let’s just say that he basically finds the device is not quite there yet, which says to me that Motorola have made the same mistake that numerous other companies have, they have tried to jump on board of Apple’s bandwagon and rushed out a product that is in no way an equal of the iPad (never mind the soon to be released iPad 2). In particular he points out that there is no Flash capability, only 16 apps are available, some of the phone apps don’t seem to work either and the SD slot isn’t functional.

Anyway, why not read both articles and make up your own mind or go straight to the full review by PCMag.


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