Google’s woe over Wi-Fi snooping still not over!

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Seems Google is still not out of the woods yet as far as the Street View debacle. Spain is the latest country to launch an investigation into Google’s collection of wi-fi data whilst collecting imagery for its Street View feature on Google Maps. A Spanish judge has summoned a Google representative to appear before the court in Madrid before 4 October.

Apparently a privacy group called Apedanica complained to the court. The judge has asked for an explanation of what data was collected, how it was collected and how many people have had their data collected by Google in this fashion.

Google response has been muted, saying it is “working with the authorities in Spain to answer any questions they have,” and “our ultimate objective is to delete the data consistent with our legal obligations and in consultation with the appropriate authorities” according to their spokesperson.

Although the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) cleared Google on the grounds the data collected was not “significant”, Google is still under investigation in France and Germany as well as Australia. Despite the ICO clearing them, the Metropolitan Police are still investigating the matter. Whether Google will eventually be let off the hook remains to be seen but the whole affair has certainly tarnished its reputation as the company that ‘does no evil”.

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