Growth of Wi-Fi to exceed 1.9 Billion devices by 2014

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Analysts are predicting that Wi-Fi devices will nearly reach the 2 Billion mark in 2014. Currently standing at around 500 million in 2009, this represents significant growth. It has been helped by the growing market for all sorts of wireless devices in the home, such as the X-Box, PS3 and Wii, together with the growth of Wi-Fi in mobile devices (such as smartphones and MiFi devices) and this is surely set to accelerate.

What, with the iPad and new tablets (or slates) and the growing numbers of wi-fi enabled e-book readers, who can argue with this assertion. I am inclined to say that even this will prove to be somewhat conservative when you consider the growth in the number of wi-fi hotspots around the world. Even digital cameras come with wi-fi connectivity these days and new gadgets are being added to cars almost every time a new model comes out.


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