Sony introduce “Share My Connection”

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Sony have introduced “Share MY Connection” feature that allows you to turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot!

Share My Connection™ features at a glance:

Wireless range:

The range is similar to standard Wi-Fi access points commonly used in homes. Note that the actual range may vary based on environmental conditions or objects, such as walls, that may obstruct the wireless signal.


You are in control of your Share My Connection™ network. It is password protected and users require a unique ID that only you can send so they can connect to your network. You also have the ability to change passwords at any time so you can regulate who can connect through your PC on a continual basis.

Easy to use:

To transmit your Share My Connection™ Wi-Fi signal to other users, you simply need to connect to the Verizon Wireless network and then turn on your Share My Connection™ functionality through the Sony SmartWi™ utility. Once you do that, your business colleagues, friends and family will be able locate and connect to your network just as they would connect to any other password protected Wi-Fi network.

Note: Z or Y Series laptops with Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband (activation required). Note: the full assortment of Z and Y Series laptops with Share My Connection will be available June 20.

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