Google still in the doghouse over its sniffing of private unsecured wi-fi networks

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Image via CrunchBase

It seems that the company that prides itself on ‘doing no evil’ is still in the doghouse over recent admissions that it ‘inadvertently’ gathered snippets of data from private unsecured wireless networks whilst gathering images for its Street View service on Google Maps.

Not only is there a move in the US for a Class Action in the courts against Google, but government officials around the world are demanding that Google lets them look at just what data it did collect.

In a funny twist, Google is claiming that if it did so it might be breaking data protection laws and so its not, as yet, handing over the data!

Whatever the final outcome of this, its perhaps just another example of how Google is no longer going to get an easy ride. Further evidence of this are moves to get US legislators to investigate Google under anti-competition laws in view of the virtual monopoly it has in online search.

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